Parents' satisfaction survey from 2013

The aim of the study was to identify the overall satisfaction with treatment service, experience with clinical work and quality of process of the parents of hospitalised children.
Standard questionnaire was used (the parents are questioned with the same form and methodology every year).

1011 questionnaires were handed out to parents during the study period of 1st January – 31st May 2013. Answers were given on a voluntary basis. Response rate was 60%, 608 questionnaires were returned.

The native language of the respondents was similar to the proportion of the population: Estonian 70% and Russian 30%.
The main indicators of the patient's satisfaction were treatment availability and satisfaction, as well as the desire to come for treatment with the child again and to recommend the Children’s Hospital to others.

Three important motivations for parents for coming to our hospital for treatment were help given to the child, credibility and skills of doctors and the chance to receive treatment at the hospital.

Open questions allowed the parents to pass on personal experiences, notifications and desires. It was recognised that the Children's Hospital is, however, "the most reliable place for children’s treatment and professional and prompt help is always available". Recurring mothers found that "everything is improving here." Attentiveness to the concerns of the parent and understanding the problems by the staff are supportive in involving the parent to the child's treatment. The general perception is that family-centred treatment works and it is under constant attention in the Children’s Hospital.

The parents wanted the hospital staff (especially nurses) to find time for introductions, because it builds the first bridge of trust and understanding. More information on the medicines and their side effects, studies and procedures was wished for, as well as instructions in how to deal with post-hospital care.

In the evaluation of the hospital it is important to show a constant and stable performance in action. Parents' satisfaction has been steady over the years, as shown by the following figure.
Consistent evaluation provides the opportunity to see changes over time – parents’ desire to come back, if necessary, for treatment to Children’s Hospital has significantly increased.